EDBD? I guess. I don’t think I really have one.


Favorite Star Wars Character:

Favorite Verse:
Matt 6:33

Favorite Book of the Bible:

Favorite Worship Song:
Pure and Holy Passion

Favorite Supertones Song:How Deep the Fathers Love for Us Sung by Daniel Spencer!!! Dude that’s not a supertones song……….oh well sorry, the Supertones just did it so good.

Favorite Movies:

Favorite Books:
Wild at Heart

Favorite Bands:
Mike Brake Band, Justin Cofield Band, Shepherd Blind

Favorite Phone App:
Hahahaha, that would mean i had a sweet phone

Type of Cell Phone You Use:
Cheapest one they got

Approximate # of songs in your itunes:
Mmmmmm maybe 200

Favorite thing to do on a day off:
Drink coffee and read my Bible to start the day. Hang with family. Go eat lunch at Yellowbrix coffee.mmmmm go fishing, eat at the Trinity Hotel for dinner. That’s a good day


Wacky and interesting facts about you that no one would normally know:
Never paid for a haircut

Best band moment or memory:

Watching thousands walk down for decision time at Harvest Crusade

Funniest band moment or memory:

Building a sand castle named “Texafornia” with Ethan Luck in Norway

Favorite Show or Tour and Why:

Harvest. so worthwhile for God’s Kingdom. humbling He could use us to be a part of that!!

Do you prefer beach, mountains, or forest? Beach.

Short bio of yourself:

Beautiful godly wife Tessa, been married 6 years. have a two year old Sarah and a boy on the way. I really like the name Mojo. haha. My brother was the trombone player forever and he decided he was done (i think 4 kids had something to do with it) so I got to step in and attempt to fill those shoes. He is an incredible trombone player and man of God and it is an honor to pick up where he left off.

Ministries, special links:

I am full time youth minister in Carlsbad, NM. We will go to India for our second time this summer. Gospel for Asia rules. everybody should support a native missionary