Jason "the Kid" Carson


Favorite Star Wars Character:
Bib Fortuna (obviously)

Favorite Verse:
Romans 8:11

Favorite Book of the Bible:
Romans, Colossians, James, Isaiah

Favorite Worship Song:
The Stand, Cannons, and Salvation is Here

Favorite Supertones Song:
Who Can Be Against Me

Favorite Movies:
Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Shawshank Redemption, and all things Star Wars and Lord of the Rings (except for Jar Jar obviously)

Favorite Books:
Crazy Love, No Compromise, Purpose Driven Life, The Practice of the Presence of God, Screwtape Letters, Wild at Heart, In His Steps, Chronicles of Narnia, anything by John Piper, Max Lucado, Tozer

Favorite Bands:
Hillsong United, Hillsong, Phil Wickham, Crowder, Redman, Tim Hughes, Tomlin, Switchfoot, U2, Toby Mac, Fee, Jesus Culture, Lincoln Brewster

Favorite Phone App: 
Lux DLX 2 obviously

Type of Cell Phone: iPhone 4

Approximate # of songs in your iTunes: 2,800

Favorite Thing to do on a Day Off:
Beach with the family and eat chips and salsa at a mexican restaraunt

Frisbee golf, surfing, tennis, video games (zuma blitz on fb!), going on walks with my kids

Wacky and interesting facts about you that no one would normally know:
I don’t like anyone to touch, sit, lay, or breathe on my pillow. Some things are meant to be separate.

Best band moment or memory:
Seeing 80,000 people on their knees in the dirt with hands raised worshiping God at Creation East ’99. And every time we see people coming to the Lord and surrendering their lives to Him!

Funniest band moment or memory:
Too many to count! We have a good time together! One time I jumped off my drum seat up in the air to end the concert. When I came down, I missed the landing and fell over 10 feet behind the drum riser. Instead of seeing if I was ok, the whole band fell over laughing when it happened. To this day, I hear about it from the guys all the time.

Worst or most embarrassing band moment:
See above. But one time right before we went on stage the venue lost ALL it’s power. We ended up playing an acoustic set for all the fans and the night was amazing.

Favorite Show or Tour and Why:
Before the Supertones were signed, we were totally unknown and played a show with 50 people. We saw 11 people come to Christ for the very first time, and another 30 came forward to recommit their lives to God. Too many tours to count- a real special one was early on with Plankeye and Flight 180- we had Bible studies every day together. And touring with Audio A and/ or Newsboys… never a dull moment! We had crazy adventures every single day.

Do you prefer beach, mountains, or forest?
No question: The Beach.

Short bio of yourself:
After God Himself, there is nothing I love more on this earth than my family. My wife, who is my best friend, hero, and love of my life, got married in 1998. We have 4 beautiful children: Halley, Lucy, Janey, and Shane. They all have the same middle name (Jae for the girls and Jay for the boy) named after the first letter of our first child: Joy Emma Carson- who went to be with Jesus at 40 weeks pregnancy. Toughest thing we’ve ever faced, and yet God was faithful every single step of the way to hold us as we held fast to Him. More stuff about me: Matt and I started the band in 1991. I left in 2000 when God called me to be a Youth Pastor (I’m still serving at that same church today- Mission Hills Community Church).

Ministries, special links:
My wife’s blog: joyshope.com
Facebook account: Jason Carson